Sunday, 18 January 2015

Smaller bricks in the market

My passive income portfolio is building up gradually by the brick-by-brick process.  In the past, 1 brick AKA 1 lot AKA 1,000 shares.

Using this method, the higher priced blue chips are beyond my reach.  Moreover, whenever there is money in my investment account, my fingers start feeling itchy and usually I will buy something before the money could be accumulated enough for those high priced stocks. 

From tomorrow onwards (19th Jan 2015), the minimum lot size in the SGX security market will be reduced from 1,000 to 100, making higher priced stocks more affordable.

Furthermore, on the POEMS trading platform, the promotional minimum commission starts from as low as $10 for trades less than 1,000 shares, and for contract value up to $3,500.

Finally, chance for me to buy some of those branded stocks!


  1. Hi PIF

    Are you aiming for the banks and jardines?

  2. Hi B,

    The banks, yes. The J stocks do not look value for money to me for passive income.