Saturday, 14 February 2015

Another piece of the jigsaw - OCBC Bank

In the past week, I took a small nibble in OCBC Bank, and hence collected the first banking stock into my portfolio. Then came the news that OCBC failed to sell United Engineer...

Anyway this is just for diversification and it was really a very small nibble, just 200 shares.  So whatever bad news do not worry me.

I am still short of commodities at the moment.  In the past, I do have Noble Group for a very brief period of time.  At that time, Nobel was still a $2+ stock.  I did not like the volatility, the low dividend yield and got rid of Nobel with a small profit.

I was very lucky with Nobel.  After I sold it off, Nobel keeps sliding downhill.

The FIFA World Cup squad consists of 23 players.  I already have 22 stocks and probably will not go beyond 23......

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