Sunday, 27 September 2015

Old Blog Post Revisited - DYODD

Recently there are several visitors to my blog that asked me what to buy now?

I am neither a qualified Financial advisor, nor do I have the knowledge or guts to advise, given the current bearish market environment.

I do not know you, your available capital to invest, your financial situation, your risk tolerance level, etc etc...     

Although I shared my portfolio on my blog, this is for my own record of my journey.  I do not expect others to follow as I have said earlier winner for one person could be a loser for another person.  

a.  Do Your Own Due Diligence

And I have not showed my CDP statement, everything could be just my fantasy. All fellow investors need DYODD before parting with your own hard earned money.  Do not believe anything blindly on Internet.

I may buy certain stocks rationally or irrationally. Do not ask me to justify why I buy certain stocks.  As I have mentioned before, I have close to 50% holdings starting with the letter "S", so I may buy something simply because it starts with the letter "S".

b. Risk Tolerance Level

Everyone has different risk tolerance level.  After suffered 100% loss on my investment, I have always think that we should invest the money we can afford to lose.

Hence, I am numb to short-term market fluctuations and did not lose any sleep when Capitaland fell 50% from my initial investment amount or when SIA Engg fell from $5+ to $3+.

c. Singapore Savings Bonds

SSB offer higher returns than bank interests.  SSB are backed by the Singapore Government.  The principal is guaranteed and investors will always get their investment amount back in full, even if they redeem SSB early.  SSB is one additional option not available to investors at the time of my old post.   

Wishing everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.


  1. Happy mid -Autumn Farmer,

    That several readers email u to ask for advice means that believe you are the "right person". No one email me about it.

    What a great endorsement! Be happy! Happy mid autumn!

    1. Hi SI,

      They will not think I am the "right person" if they have SIA Engg from $5+ to $3+. But then again, my loser can be someone else winner. It is all about timing, timing and timing.


    2. Hi PIF

      I trust that you don't simply just buy stocks because it starts with the letter "S". Now with that said, can you advice us some good recommended stocks? :D

    3. Hi B,

      Haha. The "S" I don't like is Silverlake, too much silver in the lake...

      I think people should ask you for advise. I shall forward them to you next time. LOL.