Friday, 30 October 2015

Saizen Reit: Welcome and Goodbye

For a long time, I have been monitoring and contemplating adding Saizen Reit to my "S" counters.  

Even though Saizen Reit is well below its NAV, it is the smallest Reit and also had an old debt default episode years ago.  So, due to my inaction and procrastination, I did not buy into Saizen Reit early enough.

I looked at Saizen Reit again when it was announced that there is a firm offer to acquire Saizen Reit.  The stock value has already crept up from $0.80+ to $0.90+.

I have not experience an acquisition before.  I was at the other side of the deal when Capitland and Keppel Corp took over CMA and Keppel Land respectively.     

As Saizen Reit's NAV is $1.13, I think it makes no sense to the owner to sell too much below the NAV.  So, I decided to buy an experience.

It was announced today that the offer acquisition price for Saizen Reit is $1.17. 

So, welcome and goodbye to Saizen Reit.  And some coffee money for my very brief acquaintance with Saizen Reit.


  1. Congrats PIF.

    It's nice knowing most investors huat from the acquisition of Saizen.

    1. Hi B,

      Coffee money for me only. No Huat.