Sunday, 11 September 2016

Boring Weekend Musing: The Small Bricks of 2015

A couple of changes in my boring portfolio last week.

In 2015, I started using small bricks (100 shares) when they became available in the market.  My OCBC Tower and Keppel Commercial Tower were built using small bricks. But they were bombed and became leaning towers in the Bear Army attack.

In 2016, I used small bricks for my UOB Tower and these small bricks were much better than the 2015 batch.  Just the very bad timing.  If only they start making small bricks in 2016!

OCBC has stayed red since forever and Keppel Corp was always the worst performer in my stock portfolio.

However, a few stars aligned in the Universe last week and:

- After a mini rally, OCBC finally turned green.

- Keppel Corp has been dethroned. Perhaps weighted down by SMM being kicked out of the STI component index, SCI takes over the title of the Worst Performer.    

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