Friday, 19 April 2013

Passive Income Farmer - Suntec REIT AGM

Suntec REIT held their AGM this year on April 18 at Pan Pacific Hotel.

As I have some free time on Apr 18, I decide to attend the Suntec REIT AGM.  This is my second AGM and I found that it is a different experience compared with the Starhub AGM on April 15. 

First of all, registration for Suntec REIT AGM is not so high tech.  You arrive at the venue and let them scan your IC to verify your unitholder status.  Then, they copied your name and the number of units you hold onto a paper form and let you sign in.  

So, at the point of signing in, I saw that the 2 ordinary-looking person queued in front of me hold 25,000 and 50,000 units respectively.  This really prove the point that we can't judge people by appearance.

After signing in, I was issued a polling paper to use for AGM resolutions polling and a refreshment voucher. 

I entered the hotel ball room, found a seat and wait for the AGM to convene.  I estimated the crowd about 400-500, perhaps double the attendees compared to Starhub's AGM.

Next, AGM started.  Introduction of the Suntec Management team and Board of Directors, presentation of the REIT's past year performance, future plans and development, questions and answers (not many), then polling on the AGM's resolutions. 

We were asked to mark our votes on the polling papers and people came around to collect the polling papers.

Then, it is refreshment time.  People queued up to exchange the refreshment voucher for food.  Very easy and straight forward, one bento set and one bottle of mineral water per person. 

While the unitholders are eating their refreshment, Suntec REIT's people counted and tallied the resolution polls.

Most of the people left after finishing their foods.  By the time the polling results were ready and Suntec REIT's management team resumed their seats in front, only about 10% of the attendees remained in the room.

The polling results were showed to those still present and so completed the whole agenda of this AGM.

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