Sunday, 4 August 2013

Shareinvestor Fair at Suntec, 2nd – 4th Aug 2013

My main objective of visiting this Shareinvestor Fair at Suntec City was to see how Suntec City look like after the Asset Enhancement Program.  Couples of month ago, when I passed by Suntec City Convention Center, it was still all blocked up under the AEP development.  After the visit, I am quite impressed on how Suntec City has transformed itself.  I am seriously considering adding more units of Suntec Reit to my portfolio, especially if the stock price goes below my average cost for Suntec Reit.

Secondary mission is to check out what type of investment options are available there.

At the fair, there are the usual Stock Broking Houses - OCBC Securities, CIMB Securities, Lim & Tan Securities, Phillip Securities, Thinkorswim Singapore and E*Trade.

The Contracts For Difference (CFD) and Forex providers - CMC Market, City Index, IG and Onada.

The Financial Educators:
- Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, students can achieve sensational results through dynamic and comprehensive seminars and programs.
- Online Trading Academy, training to achieve highly-developed skills for virtually any trading instrument.
- V3Go Academy, training to gain consistent profit across different markets such as futures, forex, stocks and commodities.
- VectorVest Inc, provides stock analysis and portfolio management system that show you how to make money in both up and down markets.
- WK Events Pte Ltd,  learns how to own properties with little or no money down.

Moreover, there are many alternative investments at the fair, and for some amazement and good laughs:

Alternative Investments (companies seeking investors' money):
- Art Futures Group (AFG) - focus on Chinese Contemporary Arts investment.
- Asia Plantation Capital (APC) - investing in their plantations and trees.
- Australian Wine Index (WPI) - recommends wines with the best capital growth potential ranging from established wines with steady gains to cult wines that yield higher profit margins but with greater risk.
- Barons Group - Barons FIS Plan, maximizing the waterfall effect of securing 21% cash flow.
- Bullion Investment Group (B.I.G) - casino acquisition and operations, investors buy "seats" in their casino.
- GoldSilver Central Pte Ltd  - physical bullion trading in gold and silver.
- Hatten Group - Melaka properties investment, "guaranteed" returns 36% for six years.
- Infinity Treasures Pte Ltd (inside MAS IAL) -  Exit Strategy (House flipping in Florida) - 15% fixed for 12 months and Crude Oil investment - 3% continual payout every 3 months for 24 months.
- Prudential - some unit trust giving 7.5% returns.
- Shenton Energy Asia Pte Ltd - investing in fuel, 3% payout every 3 months.
- Shenton Wealth Holdings/Dolphin Capital Asia Pacific [both in MAS IAL]- Germany Government Listed Building Opportunity, with 24% gains in 24 months.
- Walton International Group - land banking, 21.59% p.a. annualized total return.
- Zochwell group - investment in Myammar's exploding growth.

All these alternative investment providers said they have conducted due diligence into researching, investigating and analyzing their products.  But if investors really buy their products, they are not acting diligently.

There are also some free talks and paid workshops, but I did not attend those.

Finally, the free coffee offered by Nescafe was great.

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