Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Staying Invested in Turbulent Time

Now is turbulent time in the stock market and the risk averse persons should stay by the sideline during this uncertain time, with the coming QE tapering, Syria conflict, etc.

For example, China Minzhong unexpectedly plunged more than 50% in just a couple hours and afterwhich trading of the stock was halted. 

I have mentioned in my earlier post that the money invested into stocks should be the extra cash that you can afford to hold aside or to lose.  And preferably on those blue chips that are able to ride through these turbulent "waves".  Even in the event that the whole stock portfolio is badly hit, there is no immediate impact on you or your family's livelihood and commitments.

My stock portfolio is still staying afloat at the moment.  However, it is supported mainly by SGX and Starhub, which I have gotten at a relatively low cost.

When there is danger, there is also opportunity...

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