Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Alternative Investment - Rebuilding America

Recently received this alternative investment from a colleague.  Rebuilding America is an investment opportunity formed by leading real estate experts to buy foreclosed properties, refurbish and sell them in key growth areas of Chicago, USA, which is able to provide investors with a fixed returns of 38% in a fixed time frame of 24 months.

In brief:
Investment time frame   : Fixed 2 year
Investment return           : 38% fixed return (18% on the 12th month, & 20% on the 24th month+100% capital return)
Minimum investment     : S$20,000

Maximum Investment    : S$40,000

Location: In the city of Chicago such as Washington Park, Hyde Park, Woodlawn, South Shore, Kenwood (home of President Obama).
Why Chicago?:
- 4th largest GDP, Financial and Manufacturing hub of US. Chicago city workers or civil servants required to stay in the City area based on employment regulations.
- Chicago have an upcoming and APPROVED development such as Chicago Loop development and New Lakeside development.

Features: To acquire, refurbish and re-sell the properties. Properties are more suitable to mid-upper scale lifestyle.
Target Consumers: Middle to high income earners and city workers or civil servants.
Program Benefits:
- Asset backed investment.
- Short/fixed period investment of 2 years.
- Fixed payout of 18% on the 1st year and 20% on the 2nd year.
- Proven Method
Established Property Management and Development Team.
- No currency exposure.
- No maintenance, management fees, capital gain tax or hidden charges.
- The ultimate “armchair investment” with no hassle.
- Secured investment!!

Security of Investment:
- All funds are in Escrow Account with sole intended purpose to purchase, refurbish and sell the properties.
- Investors hold a first charge over all unsold properties plus all monies in the Escrow Account.
- Fully collateralized on physical properties.
- All properties are insured with First American Title, US biggest title insurance.
- Full Trustee administration with FCA regulated Trustee.
Properties are classified as Trust Property with investors as Beneficiary to the Trust Property.
- SIPP, UK government pensions approved programme.
Rebuilding America is an investment program from Infinity Treasures.  They claimed that:
1. They will only receive S$2,000,000 for each month tranche.
2. Ever since it was first launched in September this year, this investment is over subscribed and balloting is required.

Sound too good to be true? And no risk no gain, but Caveat Emptor !


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    1. Thanks for your compliment. I will not do an interview now as I am still far from financial independent. Maybe when I achieve that...


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  3. Over-subscribed?
    I am confused as the posting seems to be an advertisement,
    Am I missing something here.

  4. With the collapse of the Exit Strategy, lets hope the Singaporeans continuing to invest with Infinity Treasures have better luck than their predecessors.

    If they cannot produce 15% in Detroit and Florida, how can they confidently produce 38% in Chicago. Sigh,

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