Saturday, 12 October 2013

SPH Final Dividend - Christmas Presents

Yesterday, SPH announced a Final Dividend of 15 cents per share, comprising a Normal Dividend of 8 cents per share and a Special Dividend of 7 cents per share for the financial year ended 31 August 2013.

Together with the Interim Dividend of 7 cents (paid in May) and Special Dividend after SPH REIT listing of 18 cents (paid in August), total Dividend payout for FY2013 will be 40 cents.

This high dividend payout makes SPH the star performer in my stock portfolio in 2013.  

However, the main challenge faced by SPH is the shrinking returns of its core business.  People no longer depend on buying and reading newspapers as their main source of information, as many obtain news from the Internet (for free). 

Hopefully the venture into properties (Paragon, Clementi Mall and Seletar Mall) could mitigate some of the losses from the core newspaper business.

The final dividend will be paid on 20 December 2013.  Just in time for me to buy Christmas presents using the payouts.

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