Saturday, 30 November 2013

SGX - Buy and Hold Strategy that works

Someone asked me about the low cost of my SGX (average cost $2.68).  Yes, I am holding SGX since its IPO days.  I was very busy with my work then and practically brought the stock, kept it and forgot about it.

SGX has complete monopoly on its business and probably the only stock that will not fail.  Although I have set aside an emergency fund, I treat SGX as my emergency fund in my stock portfolio.

After so many years, after many quarterly dividend payouts, and after the recent dividend in October, my breakeven cost for SGX has come down to just $0.81.

So, even if I am not doing anything, and suppose SGX maintains the same dividend payouts, my breakeven cost for SGX will come down to zero within the next three years.  By buying low and keeping SGX over these years, buy and hold strategy does work.

Of course buy and hold strategy will not work its magic so soon if you brought SGX at cost >$10.  And buy and hold strategy will not work on other companies without good fundamentals.  I will write about another of my ex-stocks in the near future that buy and hold strategy failed miserably.


  1. Same successful b&h as CW on keppel corpn. Congrats!

  2. Hello Passive Income Farmer,

    I like when you say you will write another stock that buy and hold has failed miserable for you ;)


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