Saturday, 21 December 2013

2013 Portfolio Review (Part 1): Deadwood

Time flies and 2013 is ending soon.  All my tradings are done and all dividends are collected.  It is time to review my portfolio in 2013.

Getting rid of deadwood (Sold):

1. SMRT (75.1% gain) (from initial investment including dividends):
- Past dividend angel with historic good dividend payouts. 
- However, now no longer attractive with escalating maintenance costs resulting from past management mistake in neglecting maintenance and excessive dividend cut by new management.
- Verdict: Correct decision.  All my gain would be wiped out if I hold SMRT till now.

2. SP Ausnet (64.1% gain)
- Uncertainty due to class action act against the company in Australia (black Saturday bushfire in 2009).
- Probably correct decision as share price weaken further.

3. CapitaMalls Asia (0.5% gain)
- Pathetic dividend yield.
- Probably correct decision as share price weaken further.

4. Yeo Hiap Seng (220 shares)
- Something does come free.
- Given by Far East Orchard after successful listing of FEHT.
- sold off odd lots.

5. Hyflux (24.3% loss)
- Low dividend yield.
- Weak stock price.
- Cut loss (lesson learnt from Global Yellow Pages)
- Probably correct decision as share price weaken further.

6. Global Yellow Pages (71.9% loss)
- An eye sore in my portfolio. 

- No further discussion needed.

Overall positive from selling off these stocks.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2014.


  1. Passive Income Farmer,

    You "ang moh pai"?

    Spring cleaning so early before CNY? LOL!

    Hello, SMRT and SP Ausnet?

    How I wish I can clear "deadwood" with such juicy percentage gains!!!

    That's locking in profits ;)

    Merry Christmas and cheers!