Tuesday, 24 December 2013

2013 Portfolio Review (Part 2): Dividends

I am continuing my review of my stock portfolio:

Dividends collected:

Total dividends in 2013: $5,717.51
Average monthly dividend: $476.46
Annual portfolio yield: 5.54%

In comparison,
Total dividends in 2012: $3,590.86
Average monthly dividend: $299.24

This represented an increase of 59.2% in dividends collected.

Best dividend yielder in my portfolio:
(based on dividends collected against stock values at Christmas 2013)

1. SPH: 9.83%
- Included special dividend after listing SPH Reit

2. FE Orchard: 9.78%
- Included special dividend after listing FEHT
- I did not add the free Yeo Hiap Seng shares here, if added, FE Orchard would be the best performer.

3. HPH Trust: 9.17% 
- This is probably due to weakening of the HPHT stock value than anything else.
- Need to monitor closely in 2014.

Worst dividend yielder in my portfolio:

1. CapitaMalls Asia: 1.65%
- Consigned to the dustbin

2. CapitaLand: 2.32%
- Sleeping giant.  I am still holding and will divest it when the price is right.

3. Hyflux: 2.72%
- Consigned to the dustbin.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi CW8888,

      I did not use the initial investment cost as some of the stocks were invested at significantly lower cost. Eg, the yield of SGX is >10% on my initial cost, which clearly is not the true yield of SGX today.


  2. Maybe a annual portfolio yield will better review the performance of 2013 and for you to set a target yield for 2014. Or a return on capital of your portfolio for performance tracking purpose?

    Just my 2 cents. Have a blessed Christmas!

    1. Hi sgftfund,

      Thanks for your comment. My annual portfolio yield is 5.54%.