Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Bear Empire Strikes Back - Week 18

The May jinx.

Just when you think the 2016 Bear is vanquished for good, the tide is turning again.  After 10 successive days of losing battles, the previously defeated Bear Army is here again. 

My portfolio's lost narrow to 2.9% at the end of the 5th week (not counting dividends collected).

My total portfolio value jumped more than $10K just this one week and its value crossed 200K for the first time. 

My worst performing counter is still Keppel Corp, but its unrealized loss has narrowed to 23.3% its invested value after week 9.  HPHT is second worst performer, with unrealized loss of 21% its invested value.  If the O&G rally continues, Keppel Corp will soon get pass HPHT.  SCI has recovered to unrealized loss of just 10.8%.

Reviewing my strategy over this 2016 Bear Attack, probably I should deploy more of my warchest.  I have used some when my portfolio first went negative.  Then I plan to use a second batch when my portfolio goes down 10%. 

My portfolio had once declined more than 50% during the Lehman Bear Attack. But this 2016 Bear Attack has produced only a minor blip on my portfolio, and the loss never get close to 10%.

Time to lock up the warchest and maybe formulate a better strategy for the next Bear.  Back to the boring business of continuing with my monthly DCA

The weekly reviews end now.  Unless there is an episode "The Bear Empire Strikes Back"...... 

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