Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders Reit ETF -- Picking my own cherries

My POEMS broker contacted me regarding subscription for the new Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders Reit ETF.  0% commission fees for the new launch of the ETF.

No. I will give this ETF a miss.  The ETF may be good, but it just does not suit my investing style.  I do not like bundle.

I do not have STI ETF.  I do not have the full set of 3 Telcos.  I do not have the full set of 3 Banks.  And I will not have this Reit ETF.

Especially the yield of the bundle is much less than that of the individual constituents.  And for diversification purposes, A-Reit, Suntec Reit, Starhill, Cache, CDLHT and the new Saizen Reit all have exposure to Australia already.  So, I prefer picking my own cherries.

However, the components of the Reit ETF can be good reference for cherry picking.  The Singapore Reits constituents and their weightages include:

8.  Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust (5.07%)
10. CapitaLand Mall Trust (3.97%)
11. Suntec Real Estate Investment Trust (3.36%)
12. CapitaLand Commercial Trust (2.81%)
13. Mapletree Commercial Trust (2.03%)
14. Mapletree Industrial Trust (1.95%)
15. Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust (1.89%)
17. Keppel REIT (1.80%)
18. Mapletree Logistics Trust (1.63%)
24. Starhill Global Real Estate Investment Trust (1.09%)
25. Ascott Residence Trust (1.07%)
27. Cache Logistics Trust (0.99%)
28. Frasers Centrepoint Trust (0.97%)
29. CDL Hospitality Trust (0.97%)

Hmm, I am a bit surprised that Cache Log Tr is included.

Oh, the whole set of Mapletrees and CapitaLand Reits are included.  Need some cherry picking again... 


  1. Our own stocks can be ETF too.

    Your current 28 stocks can be grouped into 1-3 ETF.

    1. Hi MH,

      Yes. The STI component stocks can be a mini-STI-ETF, then a mini-REIT-ETF and perhaps one growth-ETF.