Monday, 4 March 2013

My Stock Investment Journey

After the lesson of the CLOB shares, I did not stop from investing into the stock markets.  Because regular dividends payment from stocks are one of the passive income streams that I wish to set up.

However, I want to invest into stocks only on my extra cash, and on those blue chips in the Singapore stock market.  I want to make sure that even in the event that my whole stock portfolio is badly hit, there is no immediate impact on mine and my family's livelihood and commitments.

My holdings include companies that pay regular dividends, such as Starhub, SPH, SGX, Capitaland, CapitaMall Trust, SingTel, SP Ausnet, Suntec Reit and a few others.

That was just the case during the sub-prime crisis, I did not lose any sleep when my stock portfolio contracted by 50% and I was also holding a structured deposit (principal not protected) that was dangerously teetering on the brink of collapse.

I used some of my extra cash to invest into more stocks.  On hindsight, I regret that I was not aggressive enough then. 

On the other side, my structured deposit just managed to survive and I also collected the full payout of interest when it matured.

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