Saturday, 16 March 2013

Stamps selling at ebay-Singapore

In my previous post, I have stopped stamp collecting at about the millennium year (2000).

At about 2004, I came to know that ebay-Singapore has started operation.  There is no listing or insertion fees when seller lists in ebay-Singapore, meaning that listing items on is completely free.

However, we have to bear in mind that our items will not be available to the majority of people when they search under or at other overseas ebay sites.   Potential buyers have to come specifically to before they can see your listing.  That means your listing is not internationally listed.

My thinking was that rather than leaving my stamps in cold storage, why not test the water and see how the selling process works in ebay-Singapore.

I have created an eBay-Singapore Seller Account and started listing some of my stamps for sale on eBay-Singapore.

To be a good seller, you need to be clear about what you’re selling.  Use a good and simple title that explains in a few words what you have and the conditions of the stamps.  Then you need to show people what you’re selling.  For this, you’ll need a decent photo of the product.  Then, choose the most appropriate category in eBay so people can easily find it

For overseas buyers, as Paypal is the recommended method of payment on ebay (transactions are instant and linked to the buyer/seller's bank accounts securely), I have also created a Paypal account.

As there is no listing fees, if there is no bid on your item, you could just re-list it as many times as you wish.  As I do not require urgent money from my stamp collection, I just repeat the process of listing and re-listing.

I made the first sales in 2004 and as my stamps in my ebay listing were sold off, I listed new stamps for sales.  I have also made a record for the sales that went through in ebay.

Recently, I was curious how much I have sold in ebay-Singapore and tallied up my record.

Since the first sales in 2004, I have made over 1200+ sales and about $32,500 in values, averaging about $2,700 a year.  I have no idea so much money was locked up in my stamp collection.

My stamp collection is about half-way gone and selling stamps as one way of passive incomes will dry up one day.  .

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