Thursday, 25 December 2014

2014 Portfolio Review (Part 1): Winners and Losers

Time flies and 2014 is ending soon.  All my tradings are done and all dividends are collected.  It is time to review my portfolio's winners and losers in 2014.

Top Dividend Contributors:

1. SPH (15.41%):
- Good old SPH is the top contributor to my dividend incomes.
- It is a tie with Starhub, but SPH wins by virtual of less invested capital.

2. Starhub (15.41%):
- Second because of more invested capital than SPH.

3. SGX (15.27%):
- Nothing surprising as my top three holdings are the top three contributors.  

Next, some Christmas fun and amusement. 

Dividend Yield Winners (龙虎榜):

1. HPHT (7.83%):
- This is probably due to weakening of the HPHT stock value than anything else.
- It says a lot that HPHT is also winner on another list (see below).

2. AimsAmpi Reit (7.44%)
- Not much excitement on its stock price.  Current price is less than my average price, but is above my breakeven price including dividends.
- May pick up some more if price is right.

3. FEHT (6.44%)
- Not much excitement on its stock price.  Current price is less than my average price and breakeven price.
- Least of my concern as it is less than 1% of my portfolio.
- May probably average down. 

Note: 2013 dividend yield champion SPH recorded 4.99% this year without the special dividend payout in 2013.

Dividend Yield Losers (老鼠榜): 

1. Capitaland (2.47%)
Sleeping giant.  I am still hoping dividend could increase after they took full control of CMA.

2. Boustead (2.79%)
- Low dividend yield as the usual December dividend will be paid in January.
- Will wait and see what happen with their "Boustead Project".

3. Sing Post (3.32%)
- The share price has increased, but dividends remain the same.

Note: 2013 dividend loser CMA already delisted.

A return gain or loss will only be realised when I sell.  The current unrealised return winners and losers:

Unrealised Return Winners (英雄榜):

1. Sing Post (143.6% gain):
- I may take profit off this counter if the dividends remain low.

2. SGX (81.9% gain):
- This is one of my foundation stocks and will remain for keep.

3. Suntec Reit (45.2% gain):
- Will stay for dividends.

Ah, all winners from the "S" family...

Unrealised Return Losers (狗熊榜):

1. HPHT (12.3% loss)
- Probably could recover some loss after next dividend payout.

2. SIA Engg (9.8% loss)
- Probably could recover some loss after next dividend payout.

3. Capitaland (8.9% loss)
- See above on dividend yield.

And lastly, this post is for fun and amusement.  Do not go and buy HPHT because I said it is the dividend yield champion in my portfolio, as there is very high risk associated with that stock.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2015.


  1. Not everyone will understand the "S" power companies bias in your stock holdings. Unless they re-visit your archived posting for the actual reason.
    The power of foundation stocks!

  2. PIF : Like the way you worded the categories in Chinese. Overall, it is still a promising portfolio.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your comment. That is just for pastime on Christmas. Haha.


  3. hpht is on my buying list.
    it doesnt look very good on paper but at least it pays out dividends promptly
    i didnt push the buy button for now ...

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      That will depend on your risk/loss tolerance. It could easily go down to below US 0.60c.