Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Spoilt for choice - Tide or Tsunami?

With limited capital, my strategy is nibbling one or two stocks every month. So it is good that at my buy in time, the market is on a downtrend rather than an uptrend.

Today it was an ocean of red.  All my current holdings, except three, are in red.  Many have reached my accumulation prices. 

And all stocks on my watchlist are in red. With limited investment capital, usually I have just a handful of counters to choose from every month.  Of course, I do not want to open the warchest yet.

However, today I am spoilt for choice with so many attractive counters.  I entered buy orders for a couple counters, but unfortunately ended the day empty handed.

Opportunity or risk?

Well, let's see tomorrow...


  1. Hello my friend!

    as investor we must always take risk as an opportunity i think as long we are sure that the the stock can withstand the tsunami and not get bankrupt. it will surely rise up eventually. my hands are itchy nw with my annual bonus in hand..

    cheers jeffrey

    1. Hi Jeffrey,

      Haha. Same same here. Itchy finger with the annual bonus. Still we should preserve the warchest for better oportunity.


  2. Hi PIF

    Just curious what counters are you guys sniffing ah? :D