Saturday, 23 January 2016

2016 Weekly Review - Week 3

The market is still trending downwards in 2016.

In spite of the mini gain on Friday, my portfolio's lost widen to 6.0% after the 3rd week (not counting dividends collected).

My worst performing counter is Keppel Corp, which has lost 36% its invested value.  The depressed oil price means Keppel Corp may not get back to its glory days of being a $12 stock for a long time.  Keppel Corp announced the final dividend payout of 22 cents on Thursday, which is about 40% less from 2015 of 36 cents.   

Sembcorp Indust is not far behind from Keppel Corp and so far has lost 32.9% its invested value.  These 2 counters are main contributors to my portfolio's decline.  Let's see how low Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Indust can go.  But I just do not think they could go bust.

A lot of counters are very tempting now and I just about managed to stop myself from clicking the "buy" button this week.  Low could go lower.  But I think I will just continue my own DCA every month at the moment.


  1. Hi I am a frequent viewer of your blog. I wish to ask if u have diversified your portfolio with bonds? And if you have, did it cushioned the recession recently?

    Also, I wish to ask on your opinion if it's necessary for young investors to diversify into bonds.

    1. Hi Jun Bin,

      Thanks for your visit. I do not have bonds as last time not many options to buy bonds. In one of my posts last year, I said I treat my life policies as the bonds portion of my portfolio.