Saturday, 30 January 2016

2016 Weekly Review - Week 4

The fight against the Bear Army probably will turn into a long drawn fight.

After a minor victory on Friday, my army gained some grounds and my territory's lost narrow to 4.0% at the end of the 4th week (not counting dividends collected).  

Considering that my portfolio had once declined more than 50% during the Lehman Bear Attack, so far this 2016 Bear Attack has produced only a minor blip on my portfolio.

Two units in my O&G battalion were hardest hit in this 2016 Bear Attack.  My worst performing counter is Keppel Corp, which has lost 36% its invested value. Sembcorp Industries has recovered a bit but also has lost 28.2% its invested value.  

These 2 counters are main contributors to my portfolio's decline.  Let's see how low Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Industries can go.  But I just do not think they could go bust.

A lot of counters are very tempting now and I know low could go lower.  But I took a leap of faith and had a small nibble on OCBC as part of my January DCA.