Friday, 26 February 2016

2016 Weekly Review - Week 8

Back and forth fighting continued with the Bear Army on Week 8.  That decisive victory against the Bear Army is still elusive.  

My portfolio's unrealized loss widened slightly to 2.2% the total invested capital at the end of week 8 (not counting dividends collected). 

Considering that my portfolio had once declined more than 50% during the Lehman Bear Attack, so far this 2016 Bear Attack has produced only a minor blip on my portfolio.  

My worst performing counter is still Keppel Corp, with unrealized loss widened to 34.4% its invested value after week 8.  HPHT did badly this week and replaced Sembcorp Industries as 2nd worst performer.  HPHT has lost 26.1% its invested value and I am losing patient on its continuous decline.  Looking unlikely that spring will ever come for HPHT as in the case of CitySpring.  

These 3 counters are key contributors to my portfolio's decline.  Let's see how low Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Industries can go.  But I just do not think they could go bust.   

A lot of counters are still very tempting now but probably not the time to empty the warchest.  I will just continue with my monthly DCA.


  1. Hi PIF

    I guess Keppel and SCI will remain your biggest unrealized losses for now and perhaps for quite a while. Anything in mind to add recently?

    1. Hi B,

      Now there are just too many choices...with limited funds...


  2. Hi, can I know which trading plateform you use?