Friday, 30 December 2016

Looking Ahead to 2017: Dividends (明天会更好)

2016 was a not a good year for investment.  Hopefully 2017 is a better year.

My projected dividends for 2017 (based on current portfolio):
1. Starhub: $1,400?
2. SGX: $1,120
3. SPH: $1,080
4. AIMSAMPI Reit: $870
5. CMT: $645
6. Suntec Reit: $589
7. FCT: $552
8. OCBC: $517
9. SATS: $480
10. Keppel Corp: $480? 
11. Starhill Global: $460
12. PLife Reit: $447
13. Keppel DC Reit: $430
14. UOB: $429
15. SPH Reit: $418
16. MCT: $392
17. SingTel: $383
18. CDL HTrust: $382
19. FCOT: $363
20. Keppel Infra Tr: $223
21. F L&I Tr: $198?
22. Cache Log Tr: $190
23. CapitaLand: $180
24. Sembcorp Ind: $180?
25. FCL: $154
26. FEHT: $122
27. SIA Engg: $120
28. ST Engg: $120
29. Accordia Golf Tr: $60
30. Saizen Reit (Sime Darby Reit?): ?

Total: ~$12,984
Avg/month: $1,082

Probably small increase to 2016 minus the special dividend contribution from Saizen Reit.  Though, from the modest $3k+ dividends in 2012 to the $12k+ in 2016, this shows that this strategy is working for me.  

The wish for the new year: Wishing everyone 明天会更好!


  1. Hi PIF

    Nice strategy reaching the bukit soon!! ;)

    1. Hi B,

      Bukit is a small hill. There are more mountains to climb. Haha.


  2. What is the strategy? can share? How much to pump in each year? =)
    I am currently at 3K+ dividends for this year. If I can hit $12k in 4 years time it would be a very good result!

    1. Hi MIM,

      Thanks for the visit. I started this "bit-by-bit" dividend investment strategy in 2013. At that time, I also started this blog as a journal on my investment journey.

      However, my way of investing may not suit everyone. I have high risk appetite and tolerance. As I mentioned before, even if one buys the same counters as me, he/she may lose money too as our entry points are different.

      DYODD, it is your own hard earned money. Most important, do not lose sleep on short term variations and your portfolio value declines.

      Many roads go to Rome. You should find one way that is most suitable and comfortable for your investment journey.

      Lastly, congrats on your solid current holdings. You are definiely in a better position than me at 2013.


    2. Yes, agree that most importantly is not to lose sleep over it!

      All the best to all of us in 2017!