Sunday, 25 December 2016

Planting more REIT trees for dividend fruits (II)

REITs counters are battered again in December after the news of the rate hike.

I have taken the opportunity to load more REITs into my portfolio.  I have added FCT, FCOT, ParkwayLife Reit, MCT and SPH Reit.  Looking to add A Reit and CCT too, if they could come down lower for me.  Spoilt for choice as many REIT counters are looking real juicy.

I do not know whether this is a good time for REITs, but I am revamping my portfolio to increase the REIT counters weightage.  Hope the move will let me harvest more dividend fruits in the future.

To prevent myself getting into a REIT quagmire, I am holding some reserves in the event of further REIT decline in 2017.


  1. Was just thinking of the same! Spoilt for choice indeed

  2. arent you worried about the 3 x interest rates increase?

    1. Hi JJ,

      May have chance to load more after next interest hike.