Sunday, 29 January 2017

Reit History: Sabana Reit

There is now an on-going movement by a group of minority unitholders for a proposal to remove the Manager of the Sabana Reit.  This is unprecedented in Singapore Reits.  As a Reit investor, I do hope for their success as this would be a wakeup call for all the other Reit managers.

Sabana Reit is the first and only Shari'ah Compliant Reit in Singapore.  Shari'ah Compliant Reits must have taken a certain level of commitment towards partaking in activities that are deemed to be acceptable according to principles of Islamic jurisprudence.  These include refraining from taking in tenants that are not seen to be aligned with Islamic values such as alcoholic beverages dealers, karaoke lounges, wine cellars, etc.

Beside the need for compliant to SGX listing rules, Shari’ah Compliant Reit is also subjected to Shari’ah audit.

I dug out the short history of Sabana Reit from the Internet and I am particularly interested on its placements and rights issues in the past.

Nov 2010:
- IPO at $1.05. First Shari’ah Compliant Reit in Singapore
- 15 properties in its initial portfolio
- End 2010, unit price $0.98

- Acquired 5 properties
- End 2011, unit price $0.88

- Acquired 1 property
- End 2012, unit price $1.14 

- Private Placement at $1.00 (to acquire 508 Chai Chee Lane)
- End 2013, unit price $1.08

- Acquired 1 property
- End 2014, unit price $0.94

- End 2015, unit price $0.72

- Divested 2 properties
- End 2016, unit price $0.38
(unit price plunged on news of the proposed right issues)

- Renouceable Rights: $0.258 (42 for 100) 

I did not follow Sabana Reit in its early days, the early history may not be complete or accurate.  Someone in the know please correct my error(s).

This is another IPO that I missed as I was not in Singapore at Sabana Reit's IPO.  Don't really know if can breakeven now if I got in at IPO?  I have quite a few toxic IPOs over the years, e.g., CitySpring (now Keppel Infra Tr), Yellow Pages, HPH Trust and Rickmers. 

Sabana Reit actually did not ask for money often, unlike some Reits that asked for money every year, e.g. Viva Ind Tr and Fraser Htrust.

Is it enough blood in the street?  I may "busybody" a bit and buy some Sabana Reit.

I do not know which path Sabana Reit will go.  Will Sabana Reit reborn like Macarthurcook Industrial Reit (AIMSAMP Capital Industrial Reit) and Allco Reit (Frasers Commercial Trust)? Buy out like Saizen Reit? Or challenge Indiabulls Trust for the title of the worst Reit/business trust?


  1. Integrity of management is important. Period.

  2. i fear the worse. Just ask why it is what it is today?

    then go about taking your action.